5 Garden Tips and Ideas

We’re well into fall now here in North America. The majority of leaves have turned color and fallen to the ground and wetter, cooler weather is now the norm. The garden that was so much the primary object of your attention in spring is now a little worse for wear. That’s what happens every year when Mother Nature decides the fun’s over for the year. But just as winter comes every year, so will spring come again and so let’s talk about garden tips and ideas today.

It’s interesting to note how even the most indifferent of homeowners will almost always insist on having a lush, green lawn and a well-kept and manicured garden. Other elements of the property – and even the home itself in some instances – can be somewhat run down or in disrepair, but the lawn and garden had best be attractive. Building up the skills and know-how to be able to do that takes some time, so we’re going to see to it more than a few of these garden tips and ideas are gardening tips and tricks for beginners too.

Right then, let’s get to them

  1. Packing Peanuts Under Potted Soil for Better Drainage

We chose to make this number one of our garden tips and ideas because it’s just so simple yet ingenious! Good quality potting soil isn’t cheap, and it’s also true that some pots don’t drain effectively enough when filled exclusively with soil. That can be the case even with pots that are properly ported on the bottom for drainage.

Many of you probably have packing peanuts in a moving box or elsewhere in your garage or crawlspace. Unless you’re planning a move soon we suggest you put them to good use in the following way; come spring and before you put soil in pots, lay down packing peanuts a couple of inches high. Then add some landscape fabric to prevent the soil from slowly sifting down to the bottom, then add the soil.

Not only will you use less soil, but your planting pots will weigh less, and they’ll drain beautifully. Do note that this technique is best suited for use with plants that don’t require much depth for their root development.

  1. Defend with Plastic Forks

This one of our garden tips and ideas gets full marks for ingenuity. Nearly every gardener will have had a morning or two where he or she is dismayed to find an animal has trodden through their garden. Or worse, done so and then snacked on the contents.

A bag of disposable plastic forks doesn’t cost much. What you can do with them is place the entirety of them prongs up in your soil to give animals an effective deterrent from stepping into your garden. They’re entirely durable and you can set them up selectively around your garden in spots where you identify the most risk of this happening. This is certainly one of the most unconventional garden pest traps you could build, but we quite like it.

  1. Pot-in-Pot Landscaping

Having to redo landscaping and be digging the same holes in your garden every time the yearly change of season comes around just means extra work. Borrow this idea from us and you won’t have to do that anymore. What you do here is simple; you place one same-sized pot into the soil and have it sitting deep enough so that the lip is just under the surface.

Then, you place a second same-sized (often same exact pot) one into the submerged planting pot. Now you are able to simply drop your seasonal flower, herbs, veggies, or recreational marijuana in there and switch them out quickly, cleanly, and easily as necessary. Sure it means you’ll need to buy more of those pots, but it’s worth it.

  1. Calcium Boost Your Garden

Still have yet to meet a family that doesn’t eat eggs as part of their diet. We’ll go ahead and assume that you do too. Calcium is good for a garden, and this one of our garden tips and ideas is very simply a re purposing of one of your organic recyclables.

What are we going on about? Well, we’re about to suggest that you grind up your eggshells and then spread them over top of your garden soil. Why? They’re a great source of calcium for your plants, and it’s not like you’d be doing anything else with them. Egg shells can be ground up nicely in a blender. Clean up afterwards shouldn’t involve much more than a quick rinse.

  1. A Different Diaper Application

Yes, we’re bring diapers into this. No need for any real squeamishness, though, as no part of this is going to involve ‘changing’ one. Rather, this one of our garden tips and ideas is yet again a radical re purposing. Only this time it’s of a consumer good.

Laying down a new, disposable baby’s diaper in the bottom of a potted plant will help it retain moisture longer.  Of all the gardening tips and tricks for beginners shared here today, this one has to be both the most unique. It’s also the easiest one to put into practice.

That’s a wrap for our 5 garden tips and ideas today. Hopefully one or more of them are worth a try for you. If it turns out they work well for your garden, be sure to pass along your newfound knowledge.